Announcing CallAudit Version 5.0

CallAudit Version 5.0 for Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP is the newest release of the CallAudit product line.  Click here for purchase and availability details.

Click here to download a 30 day trial version of CallAudit Voice 4.0

In addition to the standard Caller ID, Voice Mail, and paging options, CallAudit Version 4.0 includes the following new feature areas and options:

Feature Area

CallAudit Client

CallAudit Voice

CallAudit Server

Fax Support
  Fax send support Yes Yes Yes
  Fax receive support Yes Yes Yes
  Fax broadcast Yes Yes Yes
  Fax cover page editor Yes Yes Yes
  Fax receive integrated with voice messaging - Yes -
  Fax on Demand - Yes -
  Fax receive based on distinctive ring Yes Yes -
Voice Recognition
  Place outgoing telephone calls using modem Yes Yes Yes
  Play new voice messages - Yes -
  Control program operation Yes Yes Yes
  Voice recognition engine included with product Yes Yes Yes
Text to Speech
  E-Mail text to speech Yes Yes Yes
  Incoming call voice announce, including caller name Yes Yes Yes
  Text-To-Speech engine included with product Yes Yes Yes
Contact Manager Style Features
  10 new user  text fields Yes Yes Yes
  4 new user on/off fields Yes Yes Yes
  User definable field display labels Yes Yes Yes
  New E-Mail field for quick E-Mail messages Yes Yes Yes
  New Internet field for quick Internet Web page access Yes Yes Yes
Other New Options
  Multiple level mailboxes - Yes -
  Expanded greeting message options by line and distinctive ring - Yes -
  Editable tool bar Yes Yes Yes
  Call log column color options Yes Yes Yes
  Expanded dial out display with enhanced call progress display Yes Yes Yes
  Automatic E-Mail options by time and day Yes Yes Yes
  Always on Top options for incoming call popup dialogs Yes Yes Yes
  Expanded import area Yes Yes Yes
  Paging groups Yes Yes Yes
  Paging print summary Yes Yes Yes
  TimeSlips integration Yes Yes Yes
  Alarm option to place an outgoing call and play a WAV file - Yes -
  Enable distinctive ring for modem hardware via program TAPI interface Yes Yes -
  Colored status pane areas to show paging status and Internet connectivity Yes Yes Yes
  Sortable PhoneBook by clicking on column headers Yes Yes Yes
  Large font popup display for incoming calls that covers the entire PC display Yes Yes Yes

Check this area regularly for more details about product features and options.  A trial version of CallAudit 4.0 is now available.  Click here to download.

Product Availability

CallAudit Version 5.0 is now shipping.   

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