Mountain Systems DDE Support

Mountain Systems Caller ID, Paging, and Voice Mail software provides a variety of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) support options for Windows capable DDE programs. Using this option, the software can pass Caller ID information to other Windows programs, which in turn provide additional capability. Mountain Systems Caller ID software includes templates to provide automatic support for the following programs:

Other Windows DDE programs can also be supported by providing basic DDE information to the DDE manager software.

Mountain Systems Caller ID software can link with PhoneDisc and/or ProCD for caller name and address information, and still link to a second DDE program such as Symantec ACT! for additional information.

An excellent example of this support is when using the software with Symantec ACT!. The software audits the Caller ID information for each incoming call and then passes the associated Caller ID data directly to ACT!. The DDE manager software then instructs ACT! to look up the contact with this telephone number. If a matching contact record is located, this information is displayed directly from within ACT!. The software can even insert a new contact record in ACT! for callers who are not currently in your ACT! database.

Mountain Systems Caller ID software can work with most any Windows capable program that can act as a DDE server. Template support is provided for a number of common programs, and more are still being added. The software includes a DDE program interface to allow the user to customize the DDE settings.

Support for other programs can also be added by directly entering the DDE information into the DDE manager displays.

The software can be set to automatically start the other application, open a specific data file, and execute one or more DDE macro commands.

Consult your specific Windows programs documentation for more details on use with Caller ID information..

DDE support is a standard feature included with all versions of Mountain Systems Caller ID software.

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