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Save 10% on your Purchase from Mountain Systems!

In a special promotion beginning 3/27/98, Mountain Systems will be offering a 10% discount to customers providing a hyperlink to the MSI website on either their Personal Home Page or their Company Web site.  This discount only applies to software purchases, or the software portion of a combination package.  To participate in this promotion, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The participant agrees to display the link prominently on their web page, either in a links section or on the main page.
  2. The participant agrees to maintain the link for a 120 day period.
  3. The participant agrees to submit their updated web page to 2 major search engines.
  4. The participant agrees to use one of the following descriptions in their link:
  5. The link must be in place and verified by Mountain Systems before granting the discount on any sale.
  6. The link must point to Mountain Systems main site:  http://www.mtnsys.com
  7. This discount is a one time only offer and does not apply to future purchases.
  8. Additional discounts on future orders will not be given, unless an additional link is provided in a different domain or 120 days have passed since the discounted sale.

Optional choices include:

  1. Using one of our link icons or banners as shown below:
    cavlink.gif (1506 bytes)   Voice Mail for your PC from Mountain Systems.

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    CallAuditVoicebanner.gif (10183 bytes)

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  2. Including a screen shot of the main window:

To take advantage of this offer, please Contact Mountain Systems for more details.

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