PC Editor for FCB1010

A new version of the Windows based PC editor has been developed for use with the FCB1010.  This new version, which still is in work, includes support for the new UnO firmware options.  It can be downloaded and installed from here.  The current release notes are available here.  

If you wish to download a single zip file for installation later or on a different PC, you can download the single zip file here.

If you have already installed a previous version of the PC Editor, you can just download the update here.  Just run it and will will locate your installation and update the software.

A screen shot is shown below.  Note the addition of tabs near the top to divide the change areas.  This tab grouping may enlarge with additional options later.

To use the editor you must have the following:

  1. Windows based PC running Windows 98 or later
  2. Behringer FCB1010 
  3. MIDI interface for your PC
  4. MIDI cables to connect interface to your FCB1010 

If your FCB1010 unit is connected via MIDI cables (both input and output MIDI connection), the software will automatically query and display the current firmware version.  This includes support for both Behringer firmware and the newer UnO firmware options.  The firmware version is shown in the top center area.

The normal steps for use includes the following:

  1. Download the current programming data from your FCB1010 to the PC (The Receive SysEx button can be used for this)
  2. Make preset changes as desired
  3. Save result to PC using Write SysEx
  4. Upload the saved result back to your FCB1010 (The Transmit SysEx button can be used for this)
  5. Test the updated FCB with your MIDI gear to see if it works as desired

The PC Editor Help file includes some additional information on this process.  Note that users with the UnO firmware can transmit SysEx info at any time, if the SysEx receive option is enabled.  See here for more info about the UnO Firmware features.

The Read SysEx and WriteSysEx buttons are used to read and write existing SysEx files directly from/to the PC.  This allows a simple way to save your changes and preset names directly to a user specified file name.

Press the Read SysEx button to read an existing SysEx file into the editor.

Press the WriteSysEx button to save the current SysEx preset settings and preset names to a file on the PC.

The Transmit SysEx and Receive SysEx features use a PC MIDI interface to upload and download data directly to/from the FCB1010.  Using these assumes you have a PC MIDI interface that is compatible with the editor software. 

PC Editor Use Details

The above steps are the basics for using the PC Editor to program your FCB.  

This beta version includes support for stomp box mode when used with the UnO firmware.  Be aware that this is a beta version, and not all features are yet present. However the basic options appear to work correctly on this end.  One clear purpose of beta test is to let other users try it and find out where other problems may exist.  Email me any issues or suggestions you have here.

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