FAQ - Behringer FCB1010

The FCB1010 FAQ is a good place to start for basic information and questions about the FCB1010 unit.  You can also view the Basic Operation Overview section for basic info on how the FCB1010 works or the Connections overview section for info on how to connect your FCB.  If you don't see what you want or need, use the Feedback Form to send us your comments and/or suggestions.  A Windows based PC Editor for the FCB1010 is available here.

If you are just starting out with MIDI and the FCB1010, check the Idiot's Guide To The FCB1010 for basic step by step for the first programming tasks.

There is both Behringer and non-Behringer firmware available for the FCB1010.  See here for further information about the non-Behringer UnO firmware options and features.

The Behringer FCB1010 is a MIDI based foot controller pedal.   It has 100 memory positions to store MIDI controller data for up to 5 separate MIDI devices.  

Using an FCB1010 to control your MIDI gear requires it to be "programmed" for your setup.  You can program it using the pedal itself or by using a PC based editor.

The "brain" inside the FCB is a small firmware chip.  This firmware chip controls basic options and operations.  The current version of this chip is 2.5.1E (or later).  Many FCB units are sold with an older firmware chip installed.  Click here for more details about FCB firmware and whether you may need to upgrade your unit.

The FCB includes two expression pedals that can be used to control different MIDI features and options.  Click here for expanded information about the expression pedals.

The following FAQ sections deal with different aspects and levels of the FCB1010. 

Additional Information is also available

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